i knew this would happen. i know i would end up dressing as homestucks in public. smgdh.

this is Eliza's sideblog to document cosplay process. i was Elegant Gothic Lolita Rose Lalonde and the Vault Dweller from Fallout 1/2 at Sakura Con 2013. planning to attend Anime Expo in LA later this year.

Hit the list at left for my costumes.

EGL Rose (me) (for a certain value of “EGL”, admittedly) + ??? Dave (costume also by me, worn by friend) (K-Pop Dave? Korean Street Fashion Dave? Dave told me that while he was walking around by himself he passed a group of homestucks and one of them peeped “Dave!” and then after he had passed, “Ooh, that Dave was pretty…” so maybe this is Pretty Dave. [many daves are pretty, however…perhaps even most daves])

Additional pics: Jaspers on the hotel sink (he was in my purse), my pink circle lenses, and my sculpted/painted Calliope and Caliborn needleskulls.

We only wore this for about an hour on Friday evening at Sakura Con 2013, so if there are more than seven or eight total photos of us, I would be surprised. However, we have a photoshoot scheduled for when we get back to California so you’ll be seeing more of this outfit. The shoes, for example, I have no photos of whatsoever. :/

(ps: these are retouched so if you find other copies with me looking like a fucking piece of garbage, it’s partly because the overcast natural lighting outdoors in seattle will make most people look pretty uh, “authentic”, and also because im seriously gross irl and require eyebag-related cosmetic procedures stat)

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